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Albenga Tomato Seeds

Cour di Bue Albenga Tomato

The heirloom "Albenga" tomato is an ox-heart type tomato from Ligurian coast town of Albenga, just west of Genoa, in Northern Italy. The beautiful pleats and tear-drop shape of the Albenga tomato are characteristic of the variety that has many uses.

First, you will be happy to eat the Albenga tomato as a slicer and the rich flavor is wonderful in fresh summertime preparations. However, the variety is perhaps best known along the Ligurian coast as a saucing and roasting tomato. In fact, most households in this region prefer the Albenga for their homemade sauces over other popular varieties like the Roma or San Marzano tomatoes. 

We like to use the Albenga tomato roasted atop fresh pasta and if you plan on canning a batch for winter the variety is a great option for your sauces. However, it might be hard to resist eating all of your Albenga tomatoes in Caprese salads or with mayonnaise on toast and the great flavor will ensure that you are pleased with the fresh choice! 

Origin: We received the parent seed of our Albenga tomatoes while visiting a cousin in Ospedaletti, Italy along the Ligurian coast, just a few miles from the French border. 

(Approximately 15 seeds per packet)