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About Us

Thank you for visiting us at Kids Seed Co.

About Kids Seed Co.

We are Thomas and Laura. Our family lives in Asheville, NC and we are gardeners and seed-savers. We took our children (Laszlo, Mina, Csilla) out into our garden from an early age and the benefits and joys have been countless. Our family has a mix of American, Hungarian, Japanese and French cultures and we love to cook, eat and travel. Yona is our Great Pyrenees puppy and he is slowly learning not to dig in the garden beds. From fostering an appreciation of the natural world to early lessons in perseverance and patience, the garden has been where our family has grown snugly together.

Our seed company

One summer, Laszlo wanted to set up a vegetable stand to sell cucumbers. This led to many conversations about starting a business and the seeds of Kids Seed Co. were planted.

We have been avid seed-savers for many years and our children are enthusiastic about learning the trade. Having started a small business before, we thought turning a passion for gardening into a seed company would be a great way to grow as a family and it has been a great adventure! 

The kids help with business decisions every step of the way and have become enthusiastic young entrepreneurs. At times though, they do create challenges to successfully run a business and you may notice a doodle or hand-drawn flower on your shipped order.

Together, we have developed curiosity for the natural world and an understanding of the foods we grow and eat through gardening. We want to share these gifts with your family through our garden seeds .

Follow along with our garden explorations on Instagram and Facebook and happy gardening!

*We grow all of the non-GMO, open-pollinated varieties that we sell in our family gardens in Asheville, NC unless otherwise noted.*