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Amaranth - Heirloom Seeds


Amaranth (Amaranthus hypochondriacus)

Amaranth has been grown for 8,000 years as a nutritious seed grain and was a primary food-source of the Aztec people. These 6ft. -8ft plants have a regal burgundy plume and the young leaves are delicious in salad or steamed. This drought tolerant variety can be grown as a hedge or in a floral cutting garden. In late summer, amaranth attracts lots of birds!

The parent seed of our amaranth originally comes from Guatemala. In 1997, Papa was working on a farm in Fillmore, CA and a Guatemalan friend at a neighboring farm in Ojai, CA gave the seeds that she had brought from her home in Guatemala. 

We think you'll love growing these beautiful plants in your garden and seeds are available in our catalog!