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Asheville Seed Company- Kids Seed Co. Holiday Gifts

As the holiday gift season picks up pace, we're filling orders of our seeds and are thankful and excited about where they will grow! As an Asheville-based small business, we are thankful to be able to provide open-pollinated, Non-GMO garden seeds to folks in our area and we are happy that gardeners as far off as Texas, Oregon and New York have chosen to give our seeds as unique holiday gifts. 
For a seed company that grows our own seeds, the spring and summer are seasons for sowing, tending and managing our gardens and the fall is when we harvest and process our seeds. Beginning at Thanksgiving, we start our selling season when we promote and market the seeds that we worked hard to grow and save.
The 2019 Kids Seed Co. catalog has over 40 seed varieties grown by our family and we hope that gardeners, experienced and novice, choose our seeds to grow in their gardens this coming spring.
Thank you for your support! 
Kids Seed Co.
Asheville, NC