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Celebrating Winter Solstice

The seasons represent a lot. Seasonal shifts are especially relevant to growth cycles, and in turn, those who tend them. For our team, saying goodbye to the growing-season is bittersweet. Few of us are happy to see it end, but if it didn't, the fleeting nature of four distinct seasons here in Western North Carolina would be less significant. Our seasons are precious because they change.

Today we embraced the winter solstice as a group. Yes, we managed to gather all four of our kiddos for the sole purpose of being together for this day. And yes, there were a few flavors of ice cream to accompany us. After all, we had promised a celebration to mark our official company launch, and kids don't forget promises of this nature. It was delicious and there may have been rounds of seconds. 

Through simple ritual, our teem set out to connect with our natural world in celebratory fashion. For us, putting seed out for the birds help us honor the nature of this season. While some feathered friends have already made their way to tropical destinations, we think our residents deserve some special treatment. They fill our winter landscape with song, and the perching male cardinal gives us the reminder, the hope, of summer's vivid promise. 

Winter is a time to take stock. We scrutinize our cold cellar or linger over the soup pot. We reflect and plan for the upcoming growing season. In doing so we hope to take advantage of a slower pace and to suspend the moment.

We may gather with one another to share warmth and fellowship, but winter is also a time to honor individuality, our unique dreams and passions, and use the quiet nature of the season to shape them.

This is not the feverish birdsong of spring, but the clear tune of the soloist preforming from the heart.