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Cherokee Trail of Tears Bean - Heirloom Seeds

Cherokee Trail of Tears Pole Beans ( Phaseolus vulgaris)
One of our favorite varieties of bean to grow is this heirloom of the Cherokee People. We're particularly drawn to this bean because we have Cherokee friends and the people have lived in the mountains that we call home since antiquity. 
The name of the bean comes from the fact that the Cherokee People carried this bean with them on the infamous Trail of Tears in 1838 when the people were forcibly relocated from their home in the Great Smoky Mountains to Oklahoma by the US Government.
We received the parent seed of the beans in our seed catalog from a Cherokee friend and it's an honor to continue the story of the seeds in our garden and in yours.
Cherokee Trail of Tears beans are a pole variety growing on long 10 ft. vines and the beans are have a rich flavor when eaten green in summer or dried and saved as a storage bean. 
This variety has become a customer favorite over the years and we hope you enjoy!