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Cucuzzi Gourd / Serpente di Sicilia - Heirloom Seeds

Gourd (Lagenaria siceraria)

Cucuzzi gourds, also known as, Serpente di Sicilia, are a variety of bottle gourd originally from Sicily. We got the parent seeds years ago at the Mercato Annonario di San Remo in San Remo, Italy. Cucuzzi are such a fun variety to grow! The young gourds are edible and make a wonderful soup and the mature gourds hollow and cure for crafts and containers.

Gourds grow on long vines up to 20 ft. and we recommend trellising on an arch so that the fruits hang. The beautiful white flowers have a wonderful melon fragrance in the evening and early in the morning. 

Cucuzzi Squash seeds are available in our catalog!