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Staying Engaged vs. Staying Entertained


Part of growing our brand has been to constantly revisit topics of importance to us as individuals.  So far, where we can marry our combined values with our company's mission, we try and go for it.

Our Seeds For Schools program allows us to share a portion of our annual profit with a different school each year in hopes of solidifying our learning-based mission beyond our gardens, and to create a good business model for the young members of our team.

A unique aspect of being in business with small kids is keeping them engaged, and by engaged we don't really mean entertained. Entertainment seems to last only as long as a child's attention span can stretch, and we strive for a bit more endurance when it comes to our future as a company.

In the garden, entertainment is fairly easy and when we mess up or learn from our mistakes, the stakes are fairly low. Generally no one gets hurt when we trample young seedlings or don't catch the butterfly we've spent the afternoon stalking. This is a place of fantastic distraction and childhood freedom. But when it comes to keeping the kids invested in the future of a successful business founded on our garden experiences, we want to be motivated by more than a desire for entertainment. 

So when we explore areas of business growth, areas we hope to have them invest meaningful interest in, the kids, understandably at times, have a tendency to glaze over. To curb a bit of this, often we introduce ideas or topics of importance with activities and see how much of a disaster is turns out to be. If it's not to much of one, we pursue.

To keep the kids at the center of Kids Seed Co., we aim to keep their involvement and engagement priority, and while doing so, allow them to connect to their work in a personal and meaningful way. 

A recent informal floral arranging session with the team, using all the fun early season materials from our gardens, was a huge success. Not sure if we had the right combination of snacks or the right timing given it was a blustery day swirling with big snowflakes and they were just been happy to be inside?  Regardless, the engagement was high, and it served to take an idea we've been mulling to new ground: 

This growing season, we will be offering a Flower Sponsorship Program where our kids will participate in arranging flowers from our gardens for delivery to local care homes. Individuals or business owners can sponsor this service and their names will appear in circulation with the program. 

Our hope is to bring our mission into a quieter corner of our community, yet one of cornerstone importance. Our most senior residents are deserving of much, especially our engagement. We hope to communicate this sentiment with clutches of blooms from our kids and our future sponsors. If luck serves us, we may even glean a few seasoned garden stories along the way.

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