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Garlic Chive Seeds (Nira)

Garlic Chives are known as "Nira" in Japanese and we use them in many preparations in the kitchen for their strong garlic flavor. One of our favorite uses for garlic chives greens is in the stuffing of gyoza dumplings.

Allium tuberosum is a perennial plant and once you sow the seeds in your garden the greens will return each year, followed by beautiful white flowers which are a wonderful source of nectar for pollinators.

We sow garlic chive seeds in spring right around the time of our last frost in a sunny, permanent spot. Garlic chives might not flower in their first year but they will put up beautiful flat green leaves that are tasty and nutritious.  

We're excited to offer garlic chive seeds from our garden in our seed catalog and hope you enjoy this delicious and lovely plant!