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Jerusalem Tomato Seeds


Our "Jerusalem" tomato is an old heirloom variety that has many uses. It is a fantastic paste or sauce tomato but it is also great for fresh eating with a rich flavor that has hints of salt and minerals. It's a medium acid variety and it's a stand-out in many applications from pasta sauce to Caprese salads. The Jerusalem tomato grows in clusters of roughly 6 fruits are generally 4-6 oz. each. This variety is a prolific early producer. 

Origin: We were given the parent seed of our Jerusalem tomato by a friend who lives and works on a kibbutz near Jerusalem in Israel. They have been growing the variety on their farm since the 1930s and it is said that the variety was originally brought to Israel by Russian Jews who fled the pogroms of Eastern Europe in the 1920s. 

(Approximately 20 seeds per packet)