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Jimmy Nardello Peppers -Heirloom Seeds


Jimmy Nardello Pepper (Capsicum annuum)

When the Nardello family emigrated to the United States from Ruoti, in Southern Italy in 1887 they brought the seeds of this amazing sweet pepper along with them. The thin skin and rich flavor of this variety has won it a place in "The Ark of Taste" by the Slow Food organization. 6"-9" peppers grow prolifically and mature to a deep red color. Great for frying or fresh snacking!

The Jimmy Nardello Pepper is consistently a best-selling variety in our seed catalog and it's a variety that has a permanent place in our summer garden. While the plant do often reach 2-3 feet in height, we successfully grow them in containers by pruning the seedling when they are about 6 inches tall. The pruning encourages bushy growth and we rarely need to provide support for the plants that we grow in containers.

Jimmy Nardello Pepper Seeds are available in our seed catalog!