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Lesya Pepper Seeds - Ukrainian Sweet Orange


Ukranian farmer Ivanna Bilous  bred the original red Lesya pepper about fifteen years ago and named it after a family friend, Lesya. An orange variant emerged from the original population which she selected and saved and we are excited to offer seeds in our catalog! 

This gorgeous heart-shaped Lesya pepper is very sweet with not heat at all and it has a rich flavor that can be described as fruity. It is thick-walled and is great for stuffing, roasting, pickling or fresh eating. 

The plants are heavy bearers and grow up to 2 ft. tall so we recommend staking them. 

Origin: While this variety was only released in 2021 and only in Ukraine, were fortunate to acquire the parent seeds from cousins in Hungary who share a border with Ukraine and who fortunately also frequently share seeds! 

(Approximately 15 seed per packet)