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Meet River

Unlike many business logos, ours came early in the planning process. Often a graphic artist is commissioned to create an image for an existing brand, but Laszlo (6) and his dad traced our company's words and child's silhouette in the youngest phases of making Kids Seed Co. a business. And the design stuck. In fact, the image of the child raising a flower overhead has become pretty special to all of us, enough so, the kids on the team suggested giving our logo-child a name. 

We encouraged the kids to choose a name that could represent any child from anywhere. They all came up with some cuties. We liked Maine and Robyn, but the suggestion to name our logo 'River' seemed to work for all the kids, which is nothing short of a miracle. Getting four kids ages 6 and under to all agree on anything minus the prospect of an ice-cream party is rare. So River it is.

It's difficult not to reflect on why this name is special (aside from the unanimous vote....we may just have to throw that ice-cream party after all).

Water is obviously essential to everything, and rivers, particularly, have the ability to carve through stone, bring life to deserts, and move through mountains. We like the reminder that each kid shares these traits in common with River.

We also happen to live in a city where its rivers are a big part of local celebration, most well-known is Asheville's French Broad River, the third oldest river in the world, filled with deep history and for our team, sense-of-place.

And now that River has a proper name, we are excited to make formal introductions between River and another very special part of our company......you.

Thank you, as always for joining us on this exciting journey celebrating childhood and the garden. It's good to know we have a steady source of water.