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Okinawa Pink Okra - Heirloom Seeds

Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus)

A beautiful ribless okra from Okinawa that is as beautiful in the garden as it is tasty. Plants grow up to 6ft. tall and are quite ornamental with reddish stems and big, gorgeous blooms. 

Okra thrives in hot weather and the pods are best eaten when 2-4" long. We like this variety raw and sliced very thin with a vinegar and soy-sauce marinade. This variety is also great pickled and the texture is very smooth because it is ribless.  

We generally direct-sow okra in the garden but it can also be started indoors and transplanted outside after the last frost in spring. We recommend planting okra in full sun to ensure lots of tasty pods.

We hope you enjoy growing our Okinawa Pink Okra. It's truly a unique heirloom variety and we think you make it a standard in your kitchen garden.