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Ready, Set, Launch.

By the time this post is live, we will have officially launched Kids Seed Co., a long ago idea now owning a heartbeat. Granted, none of it happened overnight. It looked a little more like Kids Chaos In The Garden Co. for a time or two, but like most things worth keeping, the creases were ironed out along the way. One of them was how to get a legible, semi-centered stamp on each and every one of our seed packs. We wanted a hand stamped package, and all the kids were more than eager (demanded) to help. But with little ones ranging from ages 2 through 6, the stamping skill set is still being honed. Good thing these kids have parents who don't mind getting in touch with the tactile delights of centuries past. Picture late-night assembly lines involving good background music.

Yes, each of our seed packs are dressed with a grand total of 4 individual assorted stamps. This took time, but more importantly, so did saving seeds. 

Fortunately, Asheville enjoyed a good growing season this year. Temperatures were fairly mild, the spring started early without any late frosts and the autumn frosts came later than usual, all great news for a freshly established seed-saving business. We had plenty of time to enjoy successional harvests with our kids, snap a bunch of photos while doing so, and to play with our ideas on what finally made it into our seed mixes. 

This is hands-down one of the most exciting moments we have had collectively as gardeners, and as gardeners raising families. Capturing so many years of delight in the garden-scape with our kids by our side is why we have stayed up late, stamping thousands of seed packs (possibly dancing a little bit between ink pad and paper, or pausing for some stretching) in hopes of passing along the beauty of growing plants to other kids and their families, everywhere. 

Kids Seed Co. has required some elbow grease, big hopes for the future, and a lot of love. We can't wait to get in the garden with you. From each of our families to yours, our deepest thanks.


Happy Planting!