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Toothache Plant Seeds / Spilathes

Toothache Plant (Acmella oleracea)

Also known as: Spilathes, Electric Daisy, Paracress, Jambú

This small flowering herb has been used as a medicinal plant because chewing on the flowers produces a tingling or numbing sensation in the mouth which can be used to treat toothaches. This species is  from Pará, a northeastern state in Brazil, where it is known as Jambú. In Brazil, Myanmar, and India the leaves are eaten fresh in salads and cooked as greens. 

As always, consult your medical provider before using herbal remedies!

Even if you don't use spilathes for treating a toothache, the plants are a wonderful addition to the garden and the small 8 inch tall plants look great in borders and mass-plantings. The unique little flowers have a bulls-eye pattern and they are a great companion plant because they attract pollinators. The flowers also look great in arrangements.

Toothache Plant seeds are now available in our seed catalog!