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Give The Gift Of Garden Seeds

Clearly, we think seeds are a really great gift idea, yes, we know our bias. Yet, in an era of tech overload, giving the gift of an unplugged experience is special. What we gift to those we care for says a lot about who we are and what we value. When we give, many of us hope to unveil a bit about ourselves while honoring our recipient. Maybe we choose to share something regionally exclusive, like maple syrup or local honey? Or, in this instance, local seeds, grown by a small collective of kids from Western North Carolina. 

Aside from our desire to distribute our seeds in every season, Holiday gift-giving is unique. Many of us make contact with a portion of our inner circle this time of year only. What if we took this opportunity to gift more than a thing, and graced our recipients with something they could spend time cultivating? Something we could still talk about with each other come mid-summer? Think of the rivalry between long-distance cousins and how much okra they've harvested?

On a more personal note, we have found the time we spend in the garden with our kids is spent in one of the best places for discovery than almost anywhere else on the planet, and this is a gift unto itself. We have also found this place of discovery to be limitless in regard to all the things that otherwise separate us by our age, class, political views, gender, lineage and beyond.  In the garden, we all share common ground and can find a place to relate. For some of us, finding this place is the biggest challenge when gifting---I'm guessing not all of us will be discussing politics at the holiday table this year. But it's ok, we can talk seeds. 

One final pitch; we can't help but love how easily Kids Seed Co. seed packs nestle right into stockings or even a greeting card. If your list of Holiday parties to attend is long, bring your hosts the classic Kids Seed Co. variety pack already packaged in its own hand-stamped drawstring bag as a way to say thanks well into the New Year. We even leave enough room for a spare candy cane or two.  

Happy Holidays from the whole Kids Seed Co. team!