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Carrot (Parisian potager)
Carrot (Parisian potager)

Carrot (Parisian potager)

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Carrot (Daucus carota)

The first time our kids pulled a carrot in the garden there was a moment of joy in realizing that carrots grow...under ground!!! Carrot are a wonderful and tasty addition to the garden. They can be eaten young and tender or left in the ground to be used at your convenience. We sow carrots in early spring and often have a batch left in the ground to use for Christmas meals.

Our carrot variety is similar to many Nantes types and the cylindrical roots are often blunt-tipped, 6-10” long and quite sweet. 

Origin: We came across a blooming carrot plant many years ago in France while touring the garden of a friend near Paris. We saved seeds and have grown the same variety for about 15 years. 

(Approximately 100 seeds per packet)

Planting Instructions: Sow 1 seed 1/2" deep every 2" in rows in early spring. Full sun. Thin to one carrot every 4". Carrot seeds can take a while to germinate. Keep moist.