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Tennessee Spinning Gourd (Dancing Gourd)
Tennessee Spinning Gourd (Dancing Gourd)

Tennessee Spinning Gourd (Dancing Gourd)

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Dancing Gourd (Cucurbita pepo)

Dancing gourds are golf-ball sized with white stripes and elongated necks. This heirloom variety, revived by growers in Tennessee, was used in the 1800's by kids like a spinning top. They also make great crafts when dried and can be painted or made into jewelry or ornaments. Long vines can grow up to 30' and love to grow along a fence or trellis. Young and old agree that spinning gourds are fun and easy-to-grow!

Origin: The parent seed of our spinning gourds came to us from a community garden near Knoxville, TN where a friend of our volunteers. 

(Approximately 15 seeds per packet)

Planting Instructions: sow 4 seeds 1" deep in mounds 12" apart. Full sun. Thin to 3 plants per mound when plants are 2" tall. Grow along a fence, trellis, or let vines wander.