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Pepper (Sansaki)
Pepper (Sansaki)

Pepper (Sansaki)

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Pepper (Capsicum annuum)

We are please to introduce the Sansaki Pepper! We crossed our Santaka and Murasaki peppers to create this new variety and this is the sixth stable generation (F6).

Our Santaka pepper is a spicy Japanese heirloom and the Murasaki is an old sweet purple Japanese heirloom variety. We named the pepper "Sansaki" to combine the names of both of the parent varieties and the Sansaki pepper has attributes of both.

Sansaki peppers start off green with flowers that are mostly white but have a fringed edge of purple like the Murasaki. As the peppers mature the begin to turn a dark purple color and at this stage they rarely have any heat. When the peppers fully mature they reach an average of 4-5" long, they turn to a beautiful bright red color and they get spicy! 

The Sansaki has a heat level of approximately 5,000 - 10,000 Scoville units when it's mature and it has a very sweet flavor that accompanies the heat. Because of the intense sweetness and heat, we like to use the variety in hot sauces and as dried chili flakes. 

The Sansaki plants grow up to 3 ft. tall and have dozens of peppers per plant.

Origin: We cross-bred Santaka and Murasaki peppers and the result was this new variety that we call "Sansaki". We hope you enjoy it! 

(Approximately 20 seeds per packet) 

Planting Instructions: We recommend starting peppers indoors in a sunny and warm location 4-6 weeks before last frost in spring. Plant outdoors in full sun after danger of frost in spring. Note: pepper seeds need soil temperatures to be at least 70 F to germinate and we use a heating pad under the seedling tray to maintain temperature