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Tomato (Classic Beefsteak)
Tomato (Classic Beefsteak)

Tomato (Classic Beefsteak)

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Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum)

This is the variety of tomato that your grandparents grew! The Classic Beefsteak tomato has big fruits, generally between 1-2lbs., deep red flesh and a classic flavor with medium acid. This wonderful variety will probably bring back great memories of the first garden grown tomato that you ate in childhood. We use this tomato for all sorts of meals and one of our favorite ways to enjoy them are on summertime tomato sandwiches. 

Origin: We were  given the parent seed of our Classic Beefsteak tomato by a friend whose family has been farming in the Leicester community of Western North Carolina for many generations.

(Approximately 20 seeds per packet) 

Planting Instructions: we recommend starting tomato seeds indoors in a bright and warm location 4 to 6 weeks before last frost date in spring. Transplant after danger of frost in full sun and trellis.