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Tomato (Mortgage Lifter)
Tomato (Mortgage Lifter)

Tomato (Mortgage Lifter)

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Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum)

A big and tasty tomato developed by M.C. Byles of Logan, West Virginia in the 1930's. Mr. Byles was an avid gardener without formal plant breeding training and he cross-bred his favorite tomato varieties for many years before stabilizing this variety. Byles sold tomato starts of his unique variety for $1 each and was able to pay off his mortgage with the proceed, hence the name, "Mortgage Lifter". 

Mortgage Lifters produce big, sometimes huge fruits and have a classic slicer-tomato flavor. They make wonderful tomato sandwiches and are prized by gardeners today, as they were in Byles day.

Origin: The parent seed of our Mortgage Lifter Tomatoes came from a community garden near Cacapon State Park close to Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. 

(Approximately 20 seeds per packet)

Planting Instructions: we recommend starting tomato seeds indoors in a bright and warm location 4 to 6 weeks before last frost date in spring. Transplant after danger of frost in full sun and trellis.