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Tomato (Tokyo Micro-Dwarf)
Tomato (Tokyo Micro-Dwarf)

Tomato (Tokyo Micro-Dwarf)

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Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum)

This Japanese micro-dwarf tomato can be grown in a small pot either on a porch or balcony and each plant produces dozens of delicious red cherry tomatoes while only growing about 14" tall! 

Micro-dwarf tomatoes are great for container gardens and they can even be grown in winter in a sunny window. This variety is ideal for gardeners who live in urban environments or apartments who may not have much space but still want to grow tasty tomatoes.

While these Micro-Dwarf tomatoes were bred to be grown indoors in containers, you can certainly plant them outdoors in the garden too! 

Origin: The parent seed of our Tokyo Micro-Dwarf tomato came from our Japanese cousins. They live in an apartment in Tokyo and have grown this variety for many years in their window sill. They gave us seeds last time we visited them in Japan and they originally obtained seeds from their urban garden club in Tokyo. 

(Approximately 15 seeds per packet) 

Planting Instructions: Plant seeds in a container indoors about 1/4" deep. We recommend using about a gallon container per plant although we've successfully grown these micro-dwarf tomatoes in a container as small as 7". Start seeds in a low-nutrient seedling soil and then add nutrients as directed when four leaves have emerged.